Neon Greens Hydroponic Restaurant

neon greens hydroponic restaurant

Meet the founder behind St. Louis’s newest restaurant, Neon Greens

Neon Greens is unlike anywhere else! The radically fresh produce company is bringing salads to the community straight from the seed to the table.

Neon Greens Hydroponic Restaurant | Mary Caltrider |

ST. LOUIS — “A large part of our company is getting people more aware about the food that they are eating and who is growing it,” says Josh Smith, founder and owner of Neon Greens. 

They are giving ‘farm to table’ a whole new meaning! 

“Neon greens is a vertically integrated salad concept,” says Smith.  

Welcome to Neon Greens. Josh Smith was a film and TV set designer in New York City. When the pandemic struck, Smith found other hobbies to pass the time. 

“I started with just a tiny desk top hydroponic,” says Smith. 

A hobby turned into a passion! Smith learned the in’s and out’s of growing lettuce using hydroponics. The technique uses a water based nutrient solution rather than soil. Because of this, it can produce fresh greens all year long. 

At Neon Greens, it does not get any fresher. Customers have the chance to see the entire growth process, and well, taste the difference. 

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