Academy Hydroponics Garden

academy hydroponics garden

Albany’s 4C Academy Hydroponics Garden giving back to community

Academy Hydroponics Garden | Lenah Allen |

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) – Students at 4C Academy are finally getting a chance to grow their own plants in a greenhouse built for them to learn outside the classroom.

Not long ago in 2022, students were breaking ground on this hydroponic greenhouse that’s a part of their Commodore Gardens. But now, as the doors have finally opened, students have been able to put their green thumbs to work in the 5,000 square feet greenhouse. With the help of man-made irrigation systems, So far the students have harvested lettuce, peppers and cucumbers — some of which have already been distributed to the community.

The hydroponic greenhouse can produce up to 600 lettuce heads that will go back into the school system.

“We drop seeds in and they’ll absorb the water and we’ll drop them into propagation tables and they’ll kind of grow just from the water with no soil. It’s just a way to advance the way that we grow food,” said Mckenzie Whitaker, 4C Academy junior student.

Trent McCrary, another junior student, said he’s grateful for the opportunity to learn ag-business skills while giving back to the community.

“It’s amazing to see how the process is sped up and more efficient being inside the greenhouse rather than being in the garden bed outside,” he said.

A faster process means more greens going back into the school system to stop students from going hungry.

“To be able to utilize the school system to feed this community is such a great idea because we have the students to do it and we have the want to do it,” said Megan Verner, 4C Academy agribusiness instructor.

As the garden grows, students plan to test out more produce to offer more people a variety of healthy food options.

“So it’s such a big way for people to come out and get food and their moms can tell other moms about it and so they’ll be able to combat this problem in our community,” Whitaker said.

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