Reusing Grow Mix

Reusing grow mix

 Reusing Grow Mix

How To Reuse Dirt Indoors

Reusing Grow Mix, How To Reuse Dirt Indoors GUIDE & INSTRUCTIONS.


Reusing grow mix is easy-and it saves on the environment and your growing bottom line too.  Soilless peat mixes, coco coirs, soil blends, etc can be reused growing indoors or in a greenhouse successfully, provided you follow the basic rules and principles in easy growing lessons and step by step instructions via Grozine Hydroponics Magazine.

Our step-by-step DIY Video for reusing growing mediums like Sunshine or Pro mixes involves some back work and space to work.

* Reusing grow mix is not recommended for the Newb-even experienced growers who have poor memory or don’t keep notes on how much they fed of what the crop before can sometimes run into issues.


Watch the video to see how easy it is, once you have gotten it all figured out.  To help with the details, we recommend you check out the following articles before getting started:

Biksa’s Grow Room: Can I Re-Use Soilless Mix?
Basic Guide to Re-Using Your Dirt-step by step written information


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