Bio Energetic Agriculture


Bio-Energetic Agriculture-A GROWING FUTURE

By Evan Folds

Bio Energetic Agriculture…

[quote]We live in an age of materialism, where the concept and relevance of subtle energies and life force are mocked in the face of the mighty scientific method, fertilizers and toxic rescue chemistry.[/quote]

Life is alive. Sounds obvious right, but what is it that makes it alive?

This isn’t a riddle, this is serious stuff. All witchraft and woo woo aside, surely there is more to life than what is physically here.

Of course this isn’t news to most, but rarely do we apply this knowledge in the garden in any sort of practical way.

We live in an age of materialism, where the concept and relevance of subtle energies and life force are mocked in the face of the mighty scientific method, fertilizers and toxic rescue chemistry.

It’s a difficult subject. We are not collectively comfortable with the idea of energy or vibration being so influential on plants and living systems. We are much more content believing that life is static and comprised of only what is physical, replicable and can be measured.

But we all know that life doesn’t work like that. The further you look the less you know. The more you aim to prove the more backed into a corner you become.

Life is a conundrum for sure, and one that cannot be answered by normal “science” that comes from text books.  The hopeless skeptic will throw the baby out with the bath water here, but those of genuine curiosity will recognize that some of the great minds of the past did not spend their lives researching these concepts for nothing.

Viktor Schauberger was known as the “Water Wizard” and championed the concept of implosive energy. He made many inventions that capitalized on the regenerative forces of implosion, most of which are unknown to the public.

Rudolf Steiner was a spiritual scientist that created the Bio Dynamic agriculture in 1924 when he delivered a series of lectures over eight days that represented the very first reaction to chemical farming now known as The Agriculture Course.

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Wilhelm Reich discovered the bion and Nikola Tesla the secrets of free energy. The list goes on.

We have developed a means of communicating these concepts from a platform we call BioEnergetic agriculture. The concept is that living systems retain a physical, mineral, biological and energetic component. Not addressing all of them means that the potential of the system is not being maximized.

BioDynamic agriculture is a method that works strictly with energetics, but mostly ignores the other aspects of growing like mineral balance and biological diversity. Think of it this way, conventional growing is drowning, organics is treading water and BioEnergetic growing is swimming where you want to go.

The subtle energies that act as the glue to our physical reality are taken for granted mostly because we cannot see them; but they exist, in the same way that stars exist in the sky on a sunny day. They can be measured through techniques such as dowsing, chromatography or kirlian photography, but these techniques are not accepted by scientific method science.

But they can certainly be enjoyed in the garden. The realm of subtle energies is the new frontier of farming and gardening. The concepts of vortexing, resonance, implosion, homeopathy, potentization, vibration and frequency will make more sense once they are experienced. And once you have experienced them there is no going back.

Viktor Schauberger provides some insight into the conundrum when he observed that we spend so much time thinking about how an apple fell and hit Newton on his head when he first considered gravity, but relatively no time considering how the apple got up there in the first place.

The real question is not who is right or wrong, but what are we missing by having small minds.

These concepts are relevant and will help you grow the best garden of your life, but you will not find the answers of why they work in conventional ways. It takes faith, experimentation and most of all listening to your plants.

I have experienced the results of energized water, BioDynamic preps effecting an acre of land with a tablespoon of physical material, seeing crops jump 4 inches overnight using a field spray. But I didn’t believe any of it either before I tested it for myself.

The point is that if you apply the static scientific method to a dynamic reality you are always going to end up using the “science” to undermine the value of the holistic system and telling yourself you are right. Think about it.