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hydrologic eco spring

HydroLogic Eco Spring

Fix Your Broken Drinking Water with a HydroLogic Eco Spring

Let’s talk about how a HydroLogic Eco Spring filter can help make a difference in your family’s health.

Water Quality & Safety

If you spend any time watching the news these days it’s safe to say that across the globe, problems with clean water are on the rise. Worldwide, almost a billion people lack access to clean, safely drinkable water. Even in technologically advanced parts of the world, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and other dangerous contaminants are creeping into the public water supply at an alarming rate.

Furthermore, it seems foolish, at this juncture, to rely on government regulation to ensure readily available, safe drinking water. The best course of action is to take matters into your own hands.

[quote]Reverse Osmosis is the ONLY way to reliably and consistently remove serious contamination, heavy metals, organics or otherwise.[/quote]


Above: There’s a lot that can happen through this process

Why Reverse Osmosis?

Choosing a water filtration system for your home should be easy, but the reality is that not all filtration systems are created equal. First, any water filter that does not use reverse osmosis technology is probably doing little more than changing the taste of your water. Reverse Osmosis is the ONLY way to reliably and consistently remove serious contamination, heavy metals, organics or otherwise.

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Above: What goes up and around comes down; we ARE drinking our environment

Second, reverse osmosis filters intended for drinking water should also include a re-mineralization post filter. This is important for a number of reasons, such as adding alkalinity to post-reverse osmosis product water, reintroducing minerals you want to remain in drinking water like calcium and magnesium, and of course, making sure the water tastes great.

ro filtration particle sizes hydrologic

Above: See lower portion of chart (membrane type)? Reverse Osmosis is a superior choice.

Importance of Re-Mineralization

Systems that do not include re-mineralization are considered by some to produce water that can impact your health negatively. RO water, stripped of all minerals, tends to be acidic and can an cause a “leaching” effect. Like distilled water, reverse osmosis water needs some minerals reintroduced for healthy human consumption.

Owning a HydroLogic Eco Spring

With an MSRP of $299.99, the 6-filtration stage HydroLogic Eco Spring covers all the critically important bases mentioned above, with extra features that make it not only one of the best systems on the market, but also the value leader in residential reverse osmosis. Unlike most other systems, the EcoSpring requires just a single, 4-stage filter to be changed annually, easily replaced in seconds and without the need for tools.

There’s no need to call a serviceman once the EcoSpring is installed, maintenance is quick and simple. The 2-stage post remineralization filter after the main system provides that crisp, clean taste and is also easy to change. The Eco Spring is also extremely efficient, with 40% less drain water than comparable systems. The holding tank refills quickly, and water flows 30% faster than comparable systems through the included faucet, so fresh, clean water is always on tap. Finally, the EcoSpring’s unique, compact appliance design makes it easy to fit in tight spaces.

hydrologic eco spring filter

The HydroLogic EcoSpring is an excellent choice for so many reasons, but one reason that should not be overlooked is how much less bottled water is needed when pure water is available able from the tap. And not only is this good for the environment by using less plastic, but a recent report by Orb Media concluded that 93% of all bottled water contains microplastics! The only way to ensure clean, healthy water for you and your family is to clean it yourself, and HydroLogic’s EcoSpring is the perfect residential filtration system to make that happen.

Article By Rich Gellert, HydroLogicSystems.com, Owner.

Rich Gellert is the founder and President of HydroLogic Purification systems, and for over 15 years has been solving nearly every water contamination problem imaginable. In his off time he’s a gardener, bicycler racer and avid hiking enthusiast.

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