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Vertical Farming

The future of Vertical farming Future Vertical Farming | ANE MESTVEDTHAGEN | From the outside, it may look just like your regular office building. But inside, the future of farming takes place. Fruits, vegetables, and […]

plant protection vertical farming
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Plant Protection Vertical Farming

The issues of plant protection from pests and diseases are crucial in vertical farming Plant Protection Vertical Farming | by EastFruit | The issues of protecting plants growing under controlled conditions in modern greenhouses from pests […]

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Vertical Farming Pakistan

Rare But Not Non-Existent Vertical Farming Pakistan | By M. Bilal Farooq  | Vertical farming — the practice of growing crops in vertically stacked layers — is gaining traction across the world due to better production […]

futuristic farming
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Futuristic Farming

Futuristic Farming | BY EILEEN MELLON | Photo: Greenswell Growers President Carl Gupton in a warehouse where edible greens are grown in a controlled environment (Photo by Justin Chesney) Just west of Short Pump in Goochland County, […]

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Vertical Farms Blooming

From Japan to Iceland, futuristic vertical farms are starting to bloom Indoor farming is a growing trend in urban centers, where a single facility can grow millions of heads of lettuce. Vertical Farms | by Mihai […]