HomeBox Modular Review

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HomeBox Modular Review

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HomeBox Modular Series: Kiel

The Original Grow Tent, To Any Size or Shape

homebox grow tentshomebox modular growtent

It’s been a few years with our HomeBox Modular, and we were a little sad to see her go. Not that we were dissatisfied in any way-the space had new uses and it was time for something different.


HomeBox is considered to the THE Original grow tent, developed and fabricated in Berlin, Germany. Besides being known for exceptional quality, and very seriously guaranteed non-toxic to plants coverings, they are also the first and possibly only grow tent system to offer modular designs.


What the “Modular” means is that you can use their grow tents like building blocks, and can connect them, without partitioning the interior into just about any size or more importantly ANY SHAPE that best suits the area you have available to set up your indoor gardening enclosure.


For example, u can construct “L”, “T” or “C” shaped configurations; whatever suits your pace or any obstructions you may need to work around in buildings.  This way you don’t sacrifice any available growing space; no wonder it was pioneered in Europe where space is a very valuable commodity-and so is the importance of not damaging a historic building, for example, with dripping pots.


HomeBox enclosures are water and light tight, protecting the surrounding building and providing a productive, healthy and secure environment to grow crops just about anywhere.


“Kiel”, 4′ X 12′ X 7′-6”

MSRP: 1000 Euros

GZ Rated: 5/5


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